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PLANACON™ Photodetector

Square MCP-PMT for scalable images

The Planacon™ family of products are square-shaped MCP-PMTs designed to capture fast timing events such as those found in single photon counting applications. Planacons provide superior immunity to magnetic influence, down to 2T, while providing high quality images. Photonis' Planacon brings all the high speed, single photon counting features of a traditionally round MCP-PMT while providing a square sensor, allowing multiple sensors to be tiled together to image large areas. 
Plancons can be ordered in two sizes, 53mm2 and 27mm2 with a choice of photocathodes to optimize your spectral requirements. Larger Planacons are ideal for use in high energy physics applications to monitor and measure photon activity over a large area.  Miniature Planacons can be used in medical devices such as PET scan units. Planacons are also radiation hardened, making them useful in space exploration.


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High Voltage divider
We now also offer a high voltage resistive divider network as a safe way to power your PLANACON™ detector and avoid miswiring. The schematic corresponds to the recommended voltage divider in the Planacon datasheet. We use only high quality components, heavily overspecified on high voltage ratings, and the exposed contacts potted in a high voltage grade compound. You can power it through a standard SHV connector (at the far end), while the connection with the Planacon goes through a 5-pin Lemo high voltage connector (visible in front).

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Development of a 2-inch square position-sensing PMT for use in an MCP-PMT photon detector in medical imaging applications.
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