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Microwave Power Modules

Photonis USA Pennsylvania offers Microwave Power Modules to meet the power, bandwidth and spectral purity requirements of many state of the art microwave systems. These MPMs are commonly used for:
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Point to Point and SatCom Data Links
  • Ideal for Airborne & UAV Use
  • Compact Laboratory Amplifier
  • Radar
Photonis' Microwave Power Modules (MPMs)are efficient, low noise amplifiers consisting of a high gain solid-state driver (MMIC) followed by a multi-collector traveling wave tube (TWT) along with their power supplies, all tightly integrated into a common, lightweight package. The low noise performance of the solid-state MMIC combined with the high efficiency TWT creates an extremely compact and efficient amplifier. The low SWAP MPM is ideally suited to airborne applications where volume, weight and prime power are at a premium. 


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New products: 200w High band and low band


Our new 200W MPM devices combine a high-gain solid state driver with a miniature traveling wave tube, a high voltage power supply, and an integrated cooling system into one self-contained device, while maintaining a compact footprint for seamless integration into existing systems. This configuration offers the best level of performance over the full range of environmental extremes faced by today’s combat platforms. They support ranges in 2-8GHz or in 6-18GHz with a full 200W across the bandwidth, with edge bands approaching 300W.  MPMs maximize efficiency while minimizing power consumption and system costs/complexities. Due to their compact design, these devices are well suited for pod-mounted tactical airborne electronic warfare and communications applications. They can also be optimized for more output power when narrower frequency ranges are specified and can use a variety of power inputs.