What we believe in, what drives us. Our ethical compass.

PHOTONIS is a leading multinational high-technology group, with experience in manufacture, sales and innovation specializing in photo sensor imaging technologies.

PHOTONIS is committed to the development of our products, our markets and our people. It is these three elements, working together, that allow us to exceed the expectations of our customers by manufacturing world-class, industry-leading detectors, sensors and imaging products.

Our commitment extends globally to our staff and our customers. Working in over 50 countries, we can proudly say that we bridge both economic and cultural challenges in all corners of the world. We support a diverse workforce that combines to bring a variety of ideas and innovations to PHOTONIS, and we actively work to support development of people and ideas to benefit our customers.

PHOTONIS continues its commitment to quality and innovation as we look for ways to incorporate advancements in optics and physics into our product offerings.

PHOTONIS attaches special importance to our core values that respect the individual and maximize the success of the teams. These values empower employees to take the lead, to be innovative, to deliver on commitments, and to work with passion.

Our values are:


PHOTONIS Leadership
We are the authority within our domain setting the benchmark for the market. We are in the driver’s seat for the mutual benefit of our company and customer goals.
We accomplish this by taking initiatives, and by guiding and directing innovative developments.

PHOTONIS Innovatiion
Innovation is part of the PHOTONIS DNA. Developing new technologies, solutions and methods has placed us in the lead and will continue to ensure our future. We continually seek new ideas.
We constantly embrace our creativity and natural curiosity in order to progress and bring significant added value to our customers.

We are dedicated to our mission, our people and our customers.
This means we put in the extra efforts in all we do, and guarantee we will meet and exceed the expectations we raise.

PHOTONIS Commitment
The PHOTONIS spirit is to execute all we do with great excitement and enthusiasm.
Our devotion and perseverance make us unique as company, team and individuals, allowing us to deliver the best results now and in the future.