PHOTONIS USA Expands Electron Multiplier Product Offering

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PHOTONIS USA Expands Electron Multiplier Product Offering

Wednesday, 16.12.2015

New Offering Focuses on ICPMS Instruments

Sturbridge, MA – PHOTONIS USA, announced that it has reached an
agreement with MasCom Technologies GmbH of Bremen, Germany to stock and resell a wide selection of discrete
dynode electron multipliers designed for use in Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometer instruments (ICPMS). The agreement adds to PHOTONIS’ extensive line of electron multiplier products.

PHOTONIS is the market leader in electron multipliers for analytical instruments. The company focuses on
a co-design and development partnership with most major manufacturers of analytical instruments, including Mass
Spectrometers, Surface Science, Focused Ion Beam, Scanning Electron Microscope, Residual Gas Analyzers and
Ion Mobility spectrometers. PHOTONIS USA currently offers over 150 models of electron multipliers, including
complete detector assemblies using single-channel (Channeltron®) and multi-channel electron multipliers. These
models support a wide range of current production and legacy instruments across a variety of mass spectrometry
techniques including TOF, Q-TOF, MALDI-TOF, LC-MS, GC-MS, and Ion Trap in addition to ICPMS.