Photonis sponsors “Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge”

Photonis sponsors “Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge”

Wednesday, 22.03.2017

Photonis sponsors new program “Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge”

BORDEAUX, FRANCE – Beginning the 18th of April a new extreme sports military-style television program will be broadcast, titled “Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge”. This program contains a mix of extreme sports at a military level produced and broadcast by INSIGHT TV. Photonis is world leader in providing night vision technology for defence and security applications and is the main sponsor of the Ultimate Forces Challenge. 
Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge
The Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge is an extreme sports competition between teams from different countries consisting of athletes with various defence and security backgrounds. In the competition are seven teams of three men and three women from different countries. The participating teams are from the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Australia and Canada.
In a period of 10 days, the teams compete against themselves and the other teams. This competition consists of a mix of extreme sports on a military level and the imposing elements of nature. Two episodes were filmed in the middle of the night, where the teams have to use Photonis high performance night vision technology to be able to compete. To  film this episode the film crew also mounted  Photonis tubes onto their cameras. Filming Recording this way provides the viewer of the Ultimate Forces Challenge (UFC) the inside experience of night vision on the field . The UFC is closely followed by a camera team and is shot in 4k Ultra HD which results in an exciting television program with fifteen episodes combining  team spirit, extreme sports battles and the risk of being eliminated from the competition. This television program will be broadcast worldwide through the internet channel of INSIGHT TV, on Astra Satellite and through Vodafone Portugal, Vodafone Spain, Swisscom and Tricolor.
INSIGHT TV has over 200 hours of UHD content and reaches millions of homes in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA. Committed to pushing the boundaries of linear and non-linear broadcasting INSIGHT’s content stretches from Adventure Travel, Inspiring Science and Technology and Extreme sports, all shot in UHD. INSIGHT TV’s range of programming demonstrates the best of Ultra HD, 4K and HDR. INSIGHT TV’s range of programming demonstrates the best of Ultra HD, 4K and HDR. Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge will be broadcast on television in UK (SKY 664), Germany (HD+ , Waipu and Media Broadcast), Russia (TriColor), Switzerland (Swisscom), Portugal (Vodafone), Spain (Vodafone), South Korea (SKB), India (Reliance Jio), UAB, (Etisalat) and on the website

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