Photonis launches iNocturn

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Photonis launches iNocturn

Friday, 08.10.2021

Photonis Digital Vision, the innovative manufacturer of state-of-the-art digital cameras and imaging solutions, launches the iNocturn, superior intensified camera extracting the best of image intensifier tube and sensitive low light camera. With the iNocturn, Photonis aims to address the challenges in industrial monitoring, machine vision and scientific markets enabling the users for unique combination of ultra-sensitivity, high framerate, high-QE photodetectors, and nano second gating.

The iNocturn features an exceptional sensitivity based High-QE photocathode, in which the peak sensitivity can be chosen in accordance to customer applications that include Hi-QE UV, SUV, Mint, Blue, Green and Red (see the Figure 1).

iNocturn detailsFigure 1. Diverse option of iNocturn for application 


Our smart tube technology integration ensures precise synchronization from the image intensifier tube to the camera core. The iNocturn generates a sharper image through ultra-high speed and low noise readout. The iNocturn family offers various video output interfaces such as USB 3.0, HD-SDI, CameraLink, LVCMOS, or PAL/NTSC to support any platform. It features flexible wavelength selection in which the peak sensitivity can be chosen from deep UV to NIR based on user’s applications.

Wavelength range detection of iNocturn from UV to Visible PhotonisFigure 3. Wavelenght range detection of iNocturn; from UV to Visible


We are happy to have the iNocturn in our portfolio, as it is the only intensified camera in the market to offer a complete solution for broad industrial monitoring applications

Geoffroy Deltel, CTO and Digital Vision General Manager


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