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Laser designation & detection solutions

Monday, 17.06.2019

Photonis and CILAS combine technologies to offer laser designation & detection solutions

Photonis Technologies and CILAS are combining a selection of their products to provide plug-and-play solutions to end-users. The companies combined CILAS’ Ground Laser Target Designators (GLTDs) with the CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD) powered by Photonis’ Nocturn to be able to see the laser of the GLTD during day and night.

CILAS’ GLTDs include laser modules providing ultra-compact solutions for optronics payloads of helicopters, UAVs and land platforms. They have been designed with proprietary, ITAR-free, laser athermal technology to provide high performance semi-active laser guidance. Photonis’ CNOD is built in partnership with Rochester Precision Optics and is a versatile digital high-definition sight that enables its operator to see in the bright sunlight as well as in low light conditions with high contrast and high resolution. The CNOD is unique because it provides these two functions in a single device at a fraction of the cost of similar systems currently on the market and can be used as clip-on or stand-alone weapon sight for 24/7 high definition operation. Additionally, the CNOD detects all designators in the visible and near infrared spectrum during day and night. Its video can be remotely visualized real-time and recorded in HD format. By combining the GLTD and CNOD, users are able to see both the targeted environment and the laser when it is completely invisible for the eyes, with a compact, lightweight and portable solution, offering a paradigm shift in safety and comfort.

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For over 50 years, CILAS, a subsidiary of ArianeGroup and Areva, has been at the leading edge of the modern technology sector thanks to its unique expertise in laser and optronics. With a turnover of 47 million euros in 2017, CILAS develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of products and systems for defence, security, space and industrial instrumentation. The company is also involved in scientific laser programs. CILAS is present in more than 15 countries. Through partnerships with multiple defence organizations and NATO members, CILAS is settling its international presence. 

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