Join Photonis at Pittcon 2017

Join Photonis at Pittcon 2017

Tuesday, 07.02.2017

Did you know that nearly half of all mass spectrometers around the world are equipped with Photonis detectors?

Manufacturers come to Photonis to design and produce the most efficient detector specifically designed for their instrument. Photonis supports a wide range of techniques, including ICP-MS, TOF, Ion Trap, Magnetic Sector, LC-MS, GC-MS, single- and triple-Quad MS and MALDI-TOF.  We also provide a wide range of ion transport products that use patented technology to increase ion throughput up to 1000x, such as capillary inlet tubes, reflectron lenses, drift tubes, and single-piece monolithic stacked ring assemblies.
Custom Engineering
Experience our co-development partnership program where our engineers work with your engineers to craft, test and manufacture to your requirements. Bring us your specifications and we’ll make your next detector.
Channeltron® is our name.
Photonis is the original manufacturer of Channeltron® channel electron multipliers. With over 150 different types and sizes, including complete plug-and-play assemblies, Photonis offers the widest range of current and legacy detectors
Microchannel Plates are our business
From custom sizes, shapes and geometries, to complete electro-optic assembly housings, Photonis is the only manufacturer to provide specialty MCPs designed for each application. We support Time of Flight applications with UltraFlatTM MCPs that reduce time jitter up to 15% for more accurate analysis.
Discrete Dynodes with longer life
Photonis supports ICP-MS applications with a range of discrete dynodes with extended lifetimes compared to other manufacturers. Choose Photonis detectors and reduce your overall maintenance costs and instrument down-time.
Increase Ion throughput
Photonis’ patented Resistive Glass technology preferentially attracts or guides ions for an increase in ion throughput of up to 1000X. More ions in the instrument means less false-positive results and higher sensitivity to faint traces. Resistive Glass can be used to manufacture drift tubes, ion guides, collision cells, or monolithic single-piece reflectron lenses that are simpler to clean.
Maintenance and Replacement
Proper maintenance of your mass spectrometer means periodic servicing and replacement of your detectors. Over time, detectors lose their ability to multiply ions or electrons to the required gain. Photonis manufactures Long-LifeTM MCP-based replacement detectors that offer longer life, higher gain and lower dark current than other manufacturers. We manufacture a wide range of replacement detectors and complete plug-and-play assemblies. Your detector will last longer and perform better with Photonis.

Join Photonis at Pittcon
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