The acquisition of Triton ETD by Photonis USA Pennsylvania

The acquisition of Triton ETD by Photonis USA Pennsylvania

Monday, 02.11.2015


PHOTONIS USA PENNSYLVANIA, INC. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Triton ETD LLC, a company specializing in microwave vacuum electron devices for military applications. The acquisition of Triton ETD by PHOTONIS USA PENNSYLVANIA strengthens PHOTONIS’s existing market position in high power/high frequency electron tubes and gives Triton ETD an opportunity for continued growth.

Gregg Bell, president and CEO of PHOTONIS USA PENNSYLVANIA, said: “We are pleased to add Triton ETD to our US organization, as it enhances our technological leadership and strategically expands our product portfolio. This acquisition provides immediate growth opportunities for our Lancaster operation. Combining our businesses will allow us to utilize our core products and our expertise to deliver the tailored solutions our customers require.”

Triton ETD designs and manufactures traveling wave tubes, traveling wave tube amplifiers, microwave power modules and integrated sub‐systems. Both PHOTONIS and Triton ETD are specialist suppliers of state‐of‐the‐art technology for defense applications across the globe.

The acquisition allows PHOTONIS to expand its research and development activities and strengthen its manufacturing capability in high power electron devices. It will also allow improvement of current platforms, and strengthens PHOTONIS’s position in the US marketplace.

The formal acquisition was recently completed. Effective October 2015, the former Triton ETD is now located at:

PHOTONIS USA Pennsylvania, Inc.
1000 New Holland Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601
United States of America
+1 (717) 295‐2704

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