Photonics West 2019

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019 to Thursday, February 7, 2019

Photonics West 2019

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Photonis will be exhibiting at Photonics West in San Francisco, CA February 5-7. We will be showing our variety of photon detectors as well as low-light level digital CMOS cameras. Our solutions are used for a variety of applications including single photon counting, microscopy, fluorescence imaging, and LIDAR.
For the past 40 plus years, Photonis has been providing custom photon solutions designed to help researchers make the most accurate discoveries. We offer 2 micron pore MCPs, image intensifier tubes, our intensifier camera adaptor (called the Cricket), and an array of digital solutions designed to help advance research.
NEW for 2019:

  • MCP-PMTs for LIDAR: At Photonics West this year, we will be introducing our new MCP-PMTs which have been optimized for LIDAR applications. These new MCP-PMTs demonstrate excellent detection capability at low and high photon flux rates. When combined with our Hi-QE photocathodes, these MCP-PMTs have a low dark count rate, lowering the threshold of detection, and fast timing to increase spatial resolution. Stop by our stand to learn more and speak with one of our experts about your application.


  • High Collection Efficiency MCPs: These new MCPS increase collection efficiency from the traditional 50-60% up to 90%. This increase allows a more accurate analysis due to the larger sample size. Hi-CE MCPs can be integrated into many of our existing photon detectors, including the Hybrid Photo Diode, MCP-PMTs, and the Imaging Photon Counter.

Also featured at Photonics West

  • Cricket Intensified Image Adapter: The Cricket adapter now available from Photonis can be attached to any scientific camera to intensify the image. Capturing images from 200nm – 900nm, the Cricket supports 1 μlx sensitivity and has a temporal resolution of 3ns.


  • Nocturn cameras: Our Nocturn line of cameras are available with a variety of outputs to be integrated into a number of applications. These rugged, low-light cameras offer high-definition resolution, high sensitivity, and high dynamic range.

Stop by our stand, #4969 to learn more about these solutions as well as our complete offering.

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