Photonis Technologies has been appointed as the exclusive image intensifier tube supplier of the TIGRIS Clip-On Weapon Sight for the FPSA ( Fusil de Précision Semi-Automatique) program by the DGA, a program that will replace precision weapons in service since 1980s. Through this program Photonis will supply its high end 4G image intensifier tubes to be used in approximately 1,800 Clip-On Weapon Sights.
Photonis announces that Armasuisse choose 4G image intensifier tubes to modernize the night vision equipment of the Swiss Armed Forces. With the choice of Armasuisse for 4G Photonis will strengthen its market position as main supplier of high performance image intensifier tubes in Europe.
Los Alamos National Laboratory recently announced nine technologies that have received R&D 100 Awards and three inventions that won Special Recognition Awards, including a Gold and Silver for Corporate Social Responsibility, and a Gold Award for Market Disruptor Products. Photonis was a member of the development team in the Atomic Armor project, which won an R&D 100 Award as well as the Gold Award for Market Disruptor Products.
Mobility Challenge
September 18 2019
It’s European Mobility Week from September 16 to September 21, a week in which towns and cities showcase their commitment to clean and sustainable urban transport.
Space Exploration
Photonis has provided Micro Pore Optics that will be used in an X-ray imager designed by Boston University professor and engineer Brian Walsh to study Earth’s magnetosphere.
Under the sponsorship of Ardian and with the advice of Lazard Frères, Photonis Technologies recently successfully closed the full refinancing of its outstanding debt due to this year’s maturity date.

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