Security & Surveillance

PHOTONIS offers a broad range of products for surveillance, mobile and security applications such as on Airport Security including Tarmac Surveillance, LIDAR/LADAR, Perimeter Control and Portable Chemical Screening.

PHOTONIS Digital Vision supports innovative low-light cameras and imaging solutions which provide superior day-through-night digital video with high resolution and frame rates.

As a leader in night vision sensor technologies, PHOTONIS is well-positioned to extend our detection technologies into the Homeland Security arena. Our sensors can detect the presence of specific chemical, radiation or gas threats, perform image mapping and even assist with forensic science investigations, while our low-light CMOS cameras can provide day-through-night imaging for both static and mobile applications.

As global tensions increase, the need for 24/7 surveillance to protect both mobile and fixed assets must be reliable under a wide range of environmental and operational conditions. Cameras chosen as part of a wide area surveillance network need to have the capability to provide quality imaging across a wide range of lighting conditions and also have simple connectivity options for easy installation and service.

The advent of digital imaging technologies has assisted in increasing resolution of targets at long‐range to achieve better detection and recognition abilities. High resolution cameras can, at long distances, produce a good quality image, and software can easily zoom or enhance the high resolution image to provide some increased level of recognition without physically moving closer to the object in question.

In order to address the technical concerns that plague long‐range observation in low lighting conditions, PHOTONIS has developed NOCTURN, a low‐light CMOS camera. NOCTURN provides a high frame rate with a high resolution, making the camera well‐suited for long range observations ‐ even of high speed moving objects ‐ without the need for supplemental illumination or cooling. The digital architecture also prevents damage from sudden bright event damage and halos, allowing it to operate equally well in full daylight conditions as well as in low light situations.

The PHOTONIS Image Intensifier Tube is used for a number of low-light and surveillance detection systems including night vision. The wide variety of phosphor screen and photocathode options allow for customization based on application. Our versatile sensors also provide unique photon sensitivity for forensic science use.