Scientific Applications

With so many products available for both mass spectrometry detectors and specialized imaging, the projects with PHOTONIS involvement are endless. Our products support sample collimation, microscopy, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy. Our sensitive sensors can be ordered to work with low light applications to detect specific spectra, with high-speed imaging applications to analyze one and two dimension images, and even detect low level ion, electron or photon occurrences.

Our contributions to the ongoing discovery of new drugs, treatment techniques, molecular biology and analytical instruments are due to the high quality and sensitivity of our products. PHOTONIS makes a variety of specialty glass products, including multi-capillary inlet tubes, microwell plates and glass capillary arrays which assist in enhancing the sampling process. Medical diagnostics are supported by a variety of imaging products, such as our PLANACON, which is both immune to magnetic interference and can be tiled to produce a larger image

PHOTONIS products can be used in several life science research projects to detect and evaluate specific characteristics of living organisms. From high-speed imaging to sample collimation, our detectors and sensors help researchers discover, understand, and advance life science. Our detection products bring a variety of perspectives to spectroscopy, fluorescence and microscopy research.

Sample collimation is enhanced with PHOTONIS’ uniquely designed Glass Capillary Arrays, which can be used in both gas flow and X-ray collimation. The pore size can be custom-ordered in a range from 2-50 microns to ensure proper particle cut-off.

PHOTONIS’ LongLife™ Multichannel Plates (MCPs) are widely used in mass spectrometers as well as for plasma and ion beam profiling. Our MCPs use patented technologies to combine small pore sizes and optional coatings for the highest charged particle detection efficiency on the market. Our Advanced Performance Detectors combine custom assembly housings with PHOTONIS MCPs to improve the detection limit up to tenfold while offering simple integration with new and existing analytical instruments.

PHOTONIS Micro Pore Optic (MPO) products have been developed for X-ray, UV and EUV photon imaging. These photons can be focused, concentrated or collimated due to the grazing angle of the optic channels.

Low light images can be enhanced with PHOTONIS Image Intensifier Tubes. A shutter ratio of 109 guarantees optimal resolution and contrast when measuring and examining fluorophores in tissue. These images can be captured using PHOTONIS Integrated Camera Units, which contain both an Image Intensifier Tube and a fully-automated CMOS camera. The camera unit has a digital zoom to heighten details, and can be used in microscopy applications.

High-speed imaging is made clear with our high performance Streak Tube products. PHOTONIS streak tubes can evaluate a single image, a repetitive one-dimensional signal, or a two-dimensional signal (depending on the operating mode), for in-depth analysis of light phenomena, including fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy

PHOTONIS has unparalleled expertise in glass manufacturing for scientific applications. In addition to our patented detectors, PHOTONIS offers a number of glass-based products for facilitating sampling and other specialty applications. These products can be used in mass spectrometry, analytical instrumentation, drug research, proteomic and genomic research and even high speed printing.

PHOTONIS manufactures a wide variety of Streak Tubes which are ideal for high speed signal analysis across the entire spectrum. Common PHOTONIS Streak Tube applications include molecular and plasma physics, detonics and ballistics, laser interferometry and temporal measurement, fluorescence spectroscopy, biology and femtochemistry. The PHOTONIS Streak Tube is ideal for high-speed applications such as laser characterization, plasma light emission and metrology. It converts the incoming photon flux to an electron flux to focus emitted photoelectrons for evaluation. Our streak tubes have the ability to capture a single shot, a repetitive one-dimensional signal or a two-dimensional signal at several successive instances, depending on the deflection voltage waveform.

PHOTONIS manufactures its own line of Neutron and Gamma Detectors for use in radiation studies and nuclear physics. These detectors are Boron-Lined Proportional Counters that can operate in pulse, Campbell and current modes. Gamma Ionization Chambers and Fission Chambers for both in-core and out-of-core use are also manufactured. PHOTONIS also offers a range of cable extensions for specific applications capable of withstanding extreme conditions.