Nuclear Instrumentation

The Nuclear Instrumentation Activity designs and manufactures Neutron and Gamma detectors for extreme environments.

PHOTONIS is a Leader in the design and manufacturing of reliable detectors dedicated to the Safety of the Nuclear Core.

PHOTONIS detectors are present on all the French Nuclear Power Plants as well as customized Research Reactors. We have unique detector technologies compatible with different reactor types and environments such as high level of radiation, high temperature, high external pressure and LOCA (Loss Of Coolant Accident) and post LOCA protection.

Through the decades of involvements with the French nuclear power plants and research programs around the world, we have been growing in knowledge and experience. Today our dedicated R&D team can develop or adapt Neutron and Gamma Detectors to tailor them to fit your specific requirements.

At PHOTONIS, The Sense of Safety is essential and without compromise. Nuclear Power Plant safety is an overriding priority, ruling our entire development, production, controls and culture of the whole activity of Nuclear Instrumentation. The Nuclear Instrumentation group is organized according to ISO9001, IAEA50-C-G / KTA1401 standards and RCCE – EDF rules.