Industrial Applications

As leaders in detection and imaging, PHOTONIS offers its high-quality components for innovative use to extend safety and reliability into aspects of everyday life.

Our high-speed and customizable image detectors are ideal for a variety of industrial applications, including gas and chemical sensing, food safety, and the verification of printed circuit boards. The durability and high quality of these products means that inspection equipment rarely needs detector maintenance. In addition, PHOTONIS is the industry expert in glass coated wire, which is ideal for insulation and protection in high temperature, high-speed printing applications.

Chemical sensing and analysis can be done with the PHOTONIS Image Intensifier Tube. Its high speed and resolution, combined with its low light capabilities, identifies specific footprints that can indicate the presence of unwanted chemical material. Other applications include quality control across high-speed production lines or monitoring combustion engines.

Advanced Performance Detectors and speciality Microchannel Plates can detect unwanted or hazardous gasses in manufacturing.

Gas samples can be detected in a number of ways using PHOTONIS products. Our Long-Life™ Microchannel Plates detect a wide range of charged particles, indicating the presence of harmful gasses. The Channeltron® Electron Multipliers efficiently magnify a small sample size to indicate a problem before damage is inflicted. Finally, our Advanced Performance Detectors can be customized to combine our MCPs with housing and electrical components to both increase detection sensitivity and simplify equipment maintenance.

The semiconductor industry uses a variety of PHOTONIS products to verify the tracings on integrated circuits or printed circuit boards. Our Image Intensifier Tubes can detect small breaks at high speeds. Our ELECTROGEN™ Electron Generator Arrays can be the electron source in electron scrub and wafer discharge applications. The PHOTONIS Microchannel Plate can also identify particle emission from unwanted discharge.

Portable mass spectrometers are used in a variety of applications, from airport security to large venue safety. The PHOTONIS mass spectrometer innovations have been adapted to smaller use. Smaller Microchannel Plates and Micro Pore Optic detectors bring the PHOTONIS sensitivity of MS analysis to smaller machines, while the MegaSpiraltron Channel Electron Multiplier operates in higher pressure situations where the surrounding atmosphere is not controlled.

At PHOTONIS, we work together with our mass spectrometer manufacturer partners to design form, fit, and function replacements for both new instruments and older models. All of our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) assemblies contain genuine PHOTONIS detectors.

Since PHOTONIS detectors offer the highest longevity on the market, an OEM replacement assembly is the most economical decision for extending the life and preserving the image quality of mass spectrometers