PHOTONIS Business Units

PHOTONIS Digital Vision leads the industry through its innovation in low-light imaging products. Optimized for day-through-night lighting conditions, these digital imaging products support surveillance and security applications, industry and research projects, and mobile use.
PHOTONIS Digital Vision offers a wide variety of imaging products with high resolution, high frame rates, and low light capabilities, which can be paired with a number of interfaces and options to provide a superior low-light or day-through-night imaging solution.

PHOTONIS Scientific Detectors designs and manufactures innovative photon, electron, ion, neutron, gamma and X-Ray sensors and optics for detection and amplification of low light, radiation and emissions. Their products are used in many scientific, medical and industrial applications where accuracy and sensitivity are critical for assessment and action.
PHOTONIS Scientific Detectors innovative sensor technologies can be found in many premier instrumentation systems, including mass spectrometers, nuclear reactors, industrial high-speed imaging, and medical diagnostic instruments as well as in a wide variety of physics and space research projects. Their commitment to continual research and product innovation allows PHOTONIS Scientific Detectors to partner with researchers and manufacturers to develop custom-designed detectors and sensors to fit unique design specifications.

PHOTONIS Night Vision is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art Image Intensifier Tubes for military, space and commercial applications. Night Vision has become a key opto-electronic technology in modern warfare as more and more combats take place by night.
PHOTONIS Night Vision products are in use in all NATO countries and are largely deployed worldwide. They provide the tools to enable safe operation, identification, and detection of threats across a variety of challenging conditions. Their Image Intensifier Tubes are integrated into equipment of the world’s leading suppliers of optical systems.

Photonis Nuclear Instrumentation leads the market in development and manufacture of sensors for nuclear power plants, fuel reprocessing plants, waste storage monitoring and nuclear research instrumentation.
Photonis Nuclear Instrumentation has a unique detector technology compatible with different reactor types, high level of radiations, high temperatures, high external pressures and LOCA (Loss Of Coolant Accident) and post LOCA protections.
For 40 years, Photonis has been growing its knowledge and experience through its involvements with the French nuclear power plants and research programs.
For the last 10 years, the Photonis customer list has grown to include Sweden, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA.
Today our dedicated R&D team can develop or adapt Nuclear Components to customer specific requirements.
The Nuclear Instrumentation group is organized according to ISO9001, IAEA50-C-G / KTA1401 standard and RCCE – EDF rules.

Since 1942, Photonis has provided the world with reliable radio frequency (RF) power and Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) technologies to deliver broadcast, satellite and data solutions.
No matter how you need to communicate, Photonis Power and Microwave ensures you will be the first to receive all critical communications.