The reputation of PHOTONIS and its subsidiaries and affiliates, for fairness and integrity in its dealings with customers, suppliers, shareholders and communities in which it operates requires adherence to the highest standards of ethical behaviour in conducting its business. Moreover, in acting as a contractor and subcontractor for governmental entities in most of the countries where PHOTONIS is transacting business, PHOTONIS shares a special trust with the governmental authorities for the public at large. That trust is to ensure that we perform contracts and provide services in a manner that fully satisfies both our legal obligations under local and foreign applicable laws as well as our own high ethical standards of business conduct. The following Ethics rules apply to all PHOTONIS’ employees. As a condition of employment, each PHOTONIS’ employee will be held to high standards of business conduct and ethical behaviour:

  • Honest and trustworthy in business relationships.
  • Reliable in performing business responsibilities.
  • Truthful in written or verbal statements.
  • Law abiding in business activities.
  • Economical in utilising company resources.

The following levels of performance are required from Company’s employees and supervisors in dealing with PHOTONIS’ customers and suppliers:

  • Deliver products and render services on a timely manner.
  • Deliver products and render services that meet all contract requirements and give the customer highest degree of confidence in our products.
  • Fully comply with applicable business, social, environmental and tax laws and regulations.
  • Apply to business management the highest accounting and reporting standards.
  • Ensure full compliance with export control regulations.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest or appearances of conflicts of interest, particularly with respect to relationships with employees of suppliers and Government agencies.

Ecological footprint

BEGES Report for Brive production site (FR version)


Electronic and material components: COUNTERFEIT protection

Photonis USA Pennsylvania, Inc. is committed to preventing the introduction of counterfeit electronic and material components into our products. Clients may purchase Photonis products with the confidence and knowledge that any products are authentic with component parts sourced from reputable manufacturers with which Photonis has had a long relationship. Our product quality and performance are of critical importance to the safety of our customers.

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Anti-Counterfeit Policy