PHOTONIS is committed to the development of our products, our markets and our people. It is these three elements, working together, that allow us to exceed the expectations of our customers by manufacturing world-class, industry-leading detectors, sensors and imaging products.

Our Products

At PHOTONIS, our product development is designed to challenge the limits of physics, science and electro-optics to produce a superior product. We strive to achieve a balance between providing patented, award-winning technologies while providing our customers ways customize our products to achieve maximum success with their application.

 Our Markets

PHOTONIS strives to be market leaders in a number of niche markets across military, medical, industrial, imaging and scientific applications. PHOTONIS is developing at a rapid pace as many of these markets grow to achieve knowledge about our surroundings and our universe. We are proud to remain innovation leaders in legacy markets, and introduce innovation into new markets while still providing our customers with superior levels of products, quality and service.

 Our People

Our commitment extends globally to our staff and our customers. Working in over 50 countries, we can proudly say that we bridge both economic and cultural challenges in all corners of the world. We support a diverse workforce that combines to bring a variety of ideas and innovations to PHOTONIS, and we actively work to support development of people and ideas to benefit our customers.

PHOTONIS attaches special importance to its core values which empowers employees and respects the individual.
Our values are:PHOTONIS' values

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Commitment

PHOTONIS also embraces diversity and equal opportunities, meeting national requirements in every country. We consider that respect, dignity, equal employment opportunities and non-discrimination are fundamental principles.
For us, the diversity of our staff is key to improving the company’s competitiveness in a global marketplace.
PHOTONIS is also aware that our future success depends upon continuous evolution to maintain an efficient organization that anticipates and satisfies customer needs with excellent products, processes and services.