Code of ethics

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Commitments and ethics

As a contractor or subcontractor for governmental entities in many countries, Photonis part of Exosens, is committed to operate in accordance with the highest standards of social responsibility and ethical behaviour. We share a special trust with the different governmental authorities. That trust is to ensure that we perform contracts and provide services in a manner that fully satisfies both our legal obliga­tions under local and foreign applicable laws, as well as our own high ethical standards of integrity and quality.

The code of ethics

This document defines the rules of good conduct and the standards of pro­fessionalism expected to be maintained in all of our activities, both by all of Photonis’ Group companies, to any third-party represen­tative (Agent, Distributors, Consultants) and to all our Suppliers and business Partners, which we expect to uphold the same standards.

Its requirements are obviously in line with international laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate but it also includes guidelines to help its users make proper decisions, which are not always obvious, when facing a situation requiring arbitration.

The main subjects detailed in this document refer to business practices, as anti-corruption and influence peddling, export and International trade control, fair competition, data protection ; as well as labor & human rights or environmental protection.

General Best Practice Guidelines shared in this document

  • Comply, at any time, with the laws, regulations and principles set out in this Code
  • Refer to this Code and/or Photonis’ internal procedures to avoid, in all circumstances, unethical behaviours
  • Identify and analyze, in good faith and with no intention to harm, situations and behaviours which seem to be in breach of this Code
  • In case of doubts or questions, contact your manager or the Legal Department on the dedicated email: Contact
  • When necessary, launch the alert.

The Three-Yes Test:

Anytime someone is faced with questions or concerns about a decision to be made, he/she should ask himself/herself the following 3 questions.

  • Question 1: Is my decision in line with Photonis’ Code of ethics?
  • Question 2: Can I justify my decision internally?
  • Question 3: Would I be comfortable if my decision became public?

If the answer to one of these questions is NO or UNSURE, this person MUST inform the appropriate person and discuss the matter.

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