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photonis who we are

Photonis is a high tech organization experienced in manufacturing, innovating and selling photo sensor technologies. Our mission is to be a trusted global leader that provides innovative imaging and detection solutions for highly skilled professionals, driven by long term profitable growth, respect, team spirit, an entrepreneurial mindset and passion. Our products are designed to challenge the limits of physics, science and electro-optics to create a better tomorrow whether that means the early detection of diseases, improving food safety or bringing home our militaries by providing them with the best night vision capabilities available. We are constantly striving to provide our customers the best solutions available

Photonis Facts

  • 5 facilities
  • 1,200 employees worldwide
  • Employee demographics: 49% France, 32% Netherlands, 14% USA, 5% Outside EU and USA
  • 25% of our employees are Engineers
  • 40% Women / 60% Men

Corporate values

photonis values

Every company has a core set of corporate values which reflect the DNA of the company. These corporate values serve as a guideline for the company and its employees in daily activities and form the foundation of the company’s mission. At Photonis we have defined five of these:

  • Team spirit
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Entrepreneurial mindset

Our beliefs


Our employees possess the knowledge to ensure our products exceed all expectations and are continually improving. Working all around the globe, we can proudly say that we bridge both economic and cultural challenges in all corners of the world. The culture at Photonis encourages every employee to share their opinions, feel valued and be rewarded for their contributions. Many of our best ideas come from listening to our employees as they suggest an improvement or new product idea. We also embrace diversity and equal opportunities, meeting national requirements in every country. We consider respect, dignity, equal employment opportunities and non-discrimination as fundamental principles to our business. For us, the diversity of our staff is key to improving the company’s competitiveness in a global marketplace.