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Let's get acquainted


Who we are 


Photonis Netherlands part of Exosens, is a high-tech organisation based in the north of the Netherlands. We are proud of the products we make and are more than happy to tell others all about them. In our work, we push ourselves to constantly search for ways to improve, on both a technical and personal level. We invest a great deal of time in the further development of our products, meaning that we are always at the cutting edge of our field. That's why we believe it's important to attend regular training courses. At Photonis, we promote a collegial atmosphere in which everyone continues to grow and develop, and in which mutual support is always on hand. We don't expect our employees to know everything already, so we're always there to answer your questions. At Photonis, we work hard. However, we also find time to relax and have fun: for us, being happy at work is extremely important.

What we do

Photonis NetherlandsAt Photonis Netherlands, our main field of activity is the production of residual light amplifiers. However, the production of digital low-light cameras and scientific applications plays an increasingly significant role at our company. Alongside the production departments, you'll also find the following departments: Finance, Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance, Purchasing, Sales,  ICT, HRM, Engineering and Research & Development. With all of these departments, we work together to achieve the best possible end result. We ask our colleagues to get actively involved in the improvement process: to this end, we have established a special committee which honours the ideas which will be implemented. We also have a close working relationship with Photonis France and Photonis USA: we are always looking to see in which areas we can learn from one another and how improvements can be made. Moreover, Photonis Netherlands is affiliated with the 'Innovatiecluster Drachten', a collaborative initiative between technical companies in the three northern provinces of the Netherlands. The affiliated organisations exchange information with the aim of helping one other to become better at what they do, as well as maintaining the high level of expertise in the north of the country.

We believe it is extremely important to feel safe and secure at work: trust, mutual consideration and listening to one another are key values. We also attach great importance to safe work stations. To ensure this, we conduct regular work station checks and carry out any necessary improvements. As the Photonis group, we work according to certain values. However, our branches are not exactly the same in every respect, which is why in Roden we have specified a number of key impulses that we believe are central to our work.

  • We value each other 
  • We are connected and work together
  • We are curious and want to learn more
  • We want to perform and progress
  • We are clear about who we are, what we do, and why and how we do it.
  • We bring joy!

Why to work with us

Photonis Netherlands

Let us start by saying that to us, personal development is essential. That's why we have an ample training budget and a wide range of training options. We also provide excellent working conditions and a generous number of vacation days. New employees receive a warm welcome with our onboarding programme, giving them an in-depth introduction to the organisation. During the onboarding, you'll familiarise yourself with the other employees, the products and work processes at Photonis. If necessary, you will then be trained in the activities you will go on to carry out. We also give you the opportunity to continue your career development. The HR department ensures that the range of training courses on offer remains up to date, as well as to actively search for new training opportunities. You will work in an international environment with plenty of space for new ideas and many opportunities to learn and grow. Job vacancies are always announced internally and externally at the same time, thereby giving employees the chance to further their development. We have an active works council which meets regularly with the management team, Plant Manager and HR so as to ensure the promotion of the employees' interests. Alongside the enjoyable work and the opportunities for development, we offer plenty of space to relax. 

Photonis Netherlands

We have our own so-called 'brown café' (a special type of Dutch establishment, the word 'brown' referring to the colour of the wooden interior), where you can enjoy a drink from time to time. It also hosts a pub quiz several times a year. Our employees can get very passionate when it comes to the quiz, as everyone wants to be the smartest team at Photonis. What's more, we have an employees' society, which regularly organises fun activities, and a party commission that ensures the success of the annual company party.

With our 'Photonis Fit' programme, we also try to inspire our colleagues to lead a healthy life. This programme comprises various sporting activities, such as mountain biking, participation in the Groningen '4mijl' (a four-mile race), and a range of workshops focussing on relaxation, movement, happiness at work, quitting smoking and healthy eating. You can enjoy the latter at our company restaurant, where we serve up delicious healthy meals; of course, you also have the option of treating yourself to a tasty snack. In short, there are plenty of reasons to want to work with us.

Where to find us

Photonis Netherlands is based in Roden, close to the bustling student city of Groningen and the beautiful Drents forest. Our offices are easily reached by car, bike and public transport.