Ultrafast Photonic Analysis

Photonis manufactures a wide range of custom detectors that can capture UV through NIR and amplify them at gains up to over a million. Most of our products can be customized with your choice of photocathodes, output windows, coatings and microchannel plate configuration to meet your detection requirements. Whether you require nano- or pico- second timing, Photonis can design and deliver to support your research requirements. Our photon detectors are used in Cherenkov detection, beam profiling and monitoring, Plasma excitation and other high energy physics research, femtochemistry and more. Bring us your requirements and our applications engineers will provide a solution for your research.

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Photonis exclusively offers a Hi-QE option  on some photocathodes, to increase quantum efficiency by as much as 50% when compared to traditional photocathodes. Hi-QE paper
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