Our Markets

PHOTONIS is an industry leader in the niche markets of Night Vision, Nuclear Instrumentation, Power Tubes and Digital Imaging. Additionally, our products are key enabling detection technologies for Industrial, Scientific and Medical research. We design, manufacture, and sell our products globally with the highest quality, sensitivity and innovation in our many diversified markets.


We are leaders in the Night Vision market, innovating high-quality night vision optics for use in goggles, rifle sights, monocles and other low-light imaging devices commonly found in defense applications. Our Digital Imaging market supports innovative low-light cameras and imaging solutions which provide superior day-through-night digital video with high resolution and frame rates for use in surveillance, mobile and security applications.


Our Power Tubes market supports defense and broadcast communication applications in shipboard, fixed and mobile applications as well as for use in high-energy physics experiments. We also design and manufacture Scientific Detectors that advance scientific, industrial and medical research, used in a wide range of analytical instruments ranging from mass spectrometers to space telescopes.


We are leaders in Nuclear Instrumentation, with certified products that ensure safety in nuclear power generation around the world, providing LOCA- and post-LOCA qualified detectors for wide and source range neutron detection as well as gamma detectors for fuel reprocessing plants.


Our continued commitment to new product development and innovation allows us to focus on the detection, amplification and transport of ions, electrons, and photons for applications providing security, safety and knowledge into our core markets.


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