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OKPHOTONIS employs over 1000 people worldwide and we are proud of our reputation and service which embraces all economic and cultural challenges in every corner of the globe. We have a culture where every colleague is valued, so opinions will be respected and contributions rewarded. For us, the diversity of our staff is the key to improving the company’s competitiveness in a global marketplace.

PHOTONIS is a company with agile and innovative engineers, scientists, analysts, and business professionals serving customers around the globe. PHOTONIS is a place where we can all be proud to work.

PHOTONIS depends on motivated, competent and performing employees who have a personal drive and who dare to be innovative and have a new way of thinking. We therefore encourage our employees to think outside the box which creates an innovative work environment.

Innovative research at PHOTONIS explores the interface between science, engineering and management and delivers practical solutions that improve quality of life and the environment - underpinned by a dynamic enterprise culture.

PHOTONIS attaches special importance to our core values that respect the individual and maximizes the success of the teams. These values empower employees to take the lead, to be innovative, to deliver on commitments, and to work with passion.

PHOTONIS is also committed to development and improving career. That’s why we believe very strongly that we offer the best development opportunities at every level of our business.

PHOTONIS offers opportunities to learn and develop with training in all areas. We have an extensive training and development offer which meets the needs of our colleagues in all areas of the business at all levels.




The PHOTONIS Group is a leading multinational high technology. We are proud of what we achieve.
Our employees have chosen to work at PHOTONIS. Discover here what they say that makes our company such a special place.


PHOTONIS France HRM interview on social policy implementation:



why join photonis

“71% of PHOTONIS France employees say they enjoy working at PHOTONIS and 17% have a shared view (see anonymous survey in July 2012, where 90% of employees responded). This satisfactory result demonstrates that PHOTONIS places importance on people, which is considered the keystone of the performance.

PHOTONIS France's human resources management focuses on two major areas of development - competence and motivation - in order to prepare the company for today and tomorrow.”Laurent M.,
Human Resources Business and Human Partner

PHOTONIS employee’s interviews:



why join photonis

“What I like is to work in high technology; there is a large variety at the technical level. You can find a wide range of occupations and specialists. This company allows us to evolve and it allows its employee to develop competences and to progress in jobs. Indeed, I had the luck to have different and various occupations. The atmosphere is very good, sometimes we can feel a little bit of tension because we are happy to be involved in our activities for a common goal.I am proud to work at PHOTONIS, because it is varied company, we have a rewarding job and overall in our small area”
Laurent L., Manufacturing Manager; Brive
Joined us in 1996



why join photonis


“As a novice, it is fantastic to work at PHOTONIS. During my education I learned a lot about basic technical subjects, but in our high tech company I came in contact with many new technologies. In the beginning it`s very intensive. There is a lot of new information that you get at once, but at the same time everyone is very willing to share their knowledge and offer their help. That makes PHOTONIS a company where I can learn a great deal. There is a very open culture, the distances in human relations are small. It`s equally easy to talk with my direct colleagues, as it is to talk with my superiors. That is perhaps very Dutch, but it makes the job very pleasant. I hope I will be able to learn much more at PHOTONIS!”
Lotte B., Process Engineer; Roden
Joined us in 2012

“I choose PHOTONIS because it meets what I was looking for in a company. A diversified product line, stable company, tenured work force, pay commensurate with other employers in the area and finally a company that I can foresee me staying with until the time I retire.”
Wayne H., Finishing Associate; Sturbridge, MA
Joined us in 2012



why join photonis
“I am proud to work at PHOTONIS for many reasons; First, our company is the leader is Night Vision products. We manufacture highly technical products. We are a big team, with 75 years experience, that's why we vast knowledge, which brings solid know-how, competences and values. Also, for us the quality is very important and we respect our criteria. The atmosphere has always been good, the work is varied, and our managers try to promote the polyvalence. The polyvalence creates competences and competences are rewarded. My occupation fascinates me. I've done a skills assessment / Skill appraisal, this has promoted my career. Then, after 35 years in the company, I am proud to have participated in its development. I feel important and I am pleased to bring my know-how to the company. I want people remember me for my work.”
Marie Christine F., Feeds manager in clean room
Joined us in 1977



why join photonis


“The combination of high technology and corporate culture is what makes PHOTONIS a great company to work for. The production process at the screen making department requires a high degree of craftsmanship from the operators. In my job I have to work with operators, chemistry and physics. The technology of the product is fascinating, to me it’s like a form of art that we are able of thinking, creating and developing products like this.
The culture within our company is open, cooperating and helpful.
Being the first female manager at a production department at PHOTONIS in the Netherlands I felt welcome and treated equally among colleagues.
I hope to work for PHOTONIS for a little while longer, I haven’t experienced one dull moment so far!”
Tineke S., Head of Screenmaking; Roden
Joined us in 2012



why join photonis

"I like to work at PHOTONIS because we manufacture high technology products, we do precision work. PHOTONIS is highly respected; it is very well-known in Brive and the area. Indeed people know that they provide a very good atmosphere, good working conditions and a good team spirit - that why they would like to join us. Our plant management succeeds by listening to all employees. The company is always there to support us both personally and professionally....”
David G., Workshop technician in polishing; Brive
Joined us in 2001



why join photonis


“The atmosphere is very good and the work within PHOTONIS is physically not heavy. Together we stand for our product, for which everyone delivers his share, everyone is important. Together we ensure only excellent products are leaving the factory. That gives you a proud feeling. In our company you can achieve something when you commit yourself to your job, that’s something you can influence yourselves. Before I worked here I wondered what was done, everyone wore a white jacket and I was not accustomed to that. I noticed very quickly that I was very welcome and I am very happy that still is the case. So you feel at home and feel involved in the company and your colleagues. I hope to be able to work here for many more years .”
Jacob H., Employee Brazing & Fitting; Roden
Joined us in 1980



why join photonis


“I joined the company in August 2012. I was attracted by the high technology and the wish to discover new products. After 3 months in the business, I really feel to have made the right choice because on the one hand, for the “technological” aspect. Indeed, I‘ve satisfied my wish to "see other things" with products that appeal to a wide variety of trades and technologies and highly specialized expertise. On the other hand for the "human" aspect because I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and working conditions within the company. The working atmosphere is both serious and friendly, which promotes human contact. Quickly we can notice that the company’s human values are not only displayed but shared daily by all employees. PHOTONIS is really a dynamic company where we feel good, we are recognized for our work, and then we want to give the best of ourselves.”
Kamel O., Purchasing Manager; Brive
Joined us in 2012



why join photonis


“PHOTONIS is a warm company. We have good contacts with each other and reasonably short lines. As technical service we have direct contact with the person for whom you are doing a job. I have almost 40 years ago quite deliberately chosen for a company in the high technology. Especially that technical aspect captivated me already then and still now. There are still many new developments that keep it interesting. I still like working here very much!”
Henk W., Maintenance Coordinator; Roden
Joined us in 1974



why join photonis

“I’m proud to work at PHOTONIS because this is an international company with an excellent reputation and stability. PHOTONIS offers us working conditions compatible with our family life. The company also committed to my development and improving my career. When I joined the company, I started working in production. Thanks to PHOTONIS, I've obtained a diploma of commercial officer. I feel valued in this company and I hope to work at PHOTONIS for a long time”
Elisa L., Customer Service Officer; Brive
Joined us in 2000

“PHOTONIS is a good choice for employment as the company is involved in a multitude of markets such as medical, industrial, commercial and military which serve our nation and support our economy. PHOTONIS provides access to educational opportunities for career growth that helps to further improve skills and knowledge. PHOTONIS also offers avenues for career advancements. PHOTONIS has very highly trained and educated professionals who are also focused on new research & development projects to expand our product base and increase sales. The company participates in fund raisers and events to better serve our local community such as supporting the United Way and Red Cross. PHOTONIS is also a family oriented company providing many on site events to boost morale and provide a fun and comfortable place to work and interact with fellow employees.”
Nancy D., Buyer; Sturbridge, MA
Joined us in 2011


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